My passion is helping you
and your animals heal.

I will help you gain clarity, harmony and wholeness through my Tarot readings & healing sessions.


What I Offer to You

Using the esoteric symbols and archetypal images of Tarot and the divine unconditional love of Reiki to open your heart you will remember the wisdom deep within. Now is the time to connect and listen to your angels, guides and illumined beings to help you find the bliss that comes from connecting with your authentic self. Now is the time to let go of what no longer nourishes your soul and step into a new life of gratitude and harmony.


Tarot Readings

A tarot card reading for you based on a specific question or a desire to know what may come, and provide an honest, intuitive interpretation of the cards to help you make decisions with confidence.

Reiki Sessions

This is a powerful healing session in which I receive intuitive insights and guidance to explore what was revealed and any guidance as to how you can move forward on your path.

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is helpful for all animals. It is wonderful self care for healthy animals and also a way that you can learn more about your animals needs.

Meet Kristen

A multi dimensional healing facilitator, Kristen uses her intuitive gifts as a Taroist, Usui and Angelic Reiki master/teacher, Channel and The Akashic Records to bring to light information and inspiration for anyone seeking guidance to make informed decisions and for those that just want to know what’s up.

She helps relieve stress and anxiety in everyday life for clients through gentle spirit and clear intention. It is her desire to help bring together heart and mind to allow for beneficial healing.

Kristen has a unique connection with animals and also specializes in Reiki for pets. Just like humans, animals and pets do not have to be present for a Reiki session.



Kokoro~is a Japanese kanji or symbol which roughly translated means the fusion of heart and mind to create a most beneficial space for healing.

What Our Clients Say