Hello, my name is Kristen

Hello, my name is Kristen and I am a multi-dimensional healing facilitator.  I work with energy to empower you to know your authentic self and bring peace and harmony to you and your animals.

As a child, I was always bringing home strays and rescuing baby ducks on the lake where I grew up. I had a deeper connection to the animals that were my friends and companions and I often felt different than my peers.

At age 19, I was given an astrology reading.  During the reading, the astrologer, Angel, told me that I had the gift of divination.  That was at odds with my strong Christian upbringing, so I didn’t understand how to access and use this gift.  Angel gently let me know that I would use this gift to help others at some point, but I was not yet ready to explore this sacred tool of self-discovery.

Fast forward to 2004.  I was immersed in yoga teacher training and yet, at the same time experiencing a crushing dark night of the soul.  In this safe, accepting environment of women, my spirituality began to flourish!  When adjusting clients in the asanas, my hands would intuitively go to the area of the body that was blocked.  My instructor mentioned that I was a subtle body healer and should explore Reiki when my training was complete.

Meanwhile, while shopping for a gift, I stumbled upon a deck of angel cards.  I began working with the angels through the cards and a friend commented on the accuracy. That friend bought me my first Tarot deck.  The Motherpeace Tarot! Tarot has been a tool of self-transformation and growth for me ever since.  I also have a strong connection with angels, dragons and unicorns that allows me to work with these wonderful energies who bring loving guidance and healing to my daily life, the earth and that of others.

In 2012 I had a group Usui Reiki Attunement which gave me a taste of the subtle body healing my yoga teacher spoke about. I followed up with Reiki attunements in the traditional Usui style, and then Angelic Reiki to become a master and teacher of this wonderful healing art.

My spiritual journey continues and has recently led me to accept the gift of being a channel for Anna, Yeshua’s grandmother.  It has taken me many years to accept this blessing.  A dear friend encouraged me to take a course on Akashic Records for Pets.  This was not an interest, but I had such a profound experience that I began working in the Akash receiving clear, loving guidance from this sacred ancient container that holds all the records and keys to the soul.

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